• Our Appointments are 15 minutes.
  • Please check in with Reception on arrival.
  • Please ask at Reception for relevant ACC surcharges as there is a cost for ACC consultations.
  • We do not run Accounts, unpaid charges at the end of the month will incur a $14.00 statement charge.
Eligible Enrolled Patients with New Zealand ResidencyFees
Doctor's Consult 24 Years and older$47.00
Doctor's Consult 18-24 Years$46.00
Doctor's Consult 13-17 Years$33.00
Doctor's Consult Under 13 YearsFree
Standard Prescription (24 hour turn around)$26.00
Same Day/Urgent Prescription$31.00
Prescription Under 13 YearsFree
Nurse Consult 18 Years and older$35.00
Nurse Consult 13-17 Years$25.00
Nurse Consult 0-13 YearsFree
Eligible Patients not Enrolled with Springlands HealthFees
Doctor's Consult 18 Years and older$78.00
Doctor's Consult 13-17 Years$45.00
Doctor's Consult 0-12 Years$30.00
Standard Prescription (24 hour turn around)$31.00
Junior Prescription$23.00
CSC Holder Doctor's Consult 18 Years and over$65.00
CSC Holder Doctor Consult 13-17 Years$38.00
CSC Holder Doctor's Consult 0-12 Years$25.00
CSC Holder Prescription$31.00
International Visitors to New ZealandFees
Doctor's Consult 13 Years and older$78.00
Doctor's Consult 0-13 Years$57.00
Nurse Consult 13 Years and older$47.00
Nurse Consult 0-13 Years$42.00